Transition to Health

Happy practice members understandably stick with the chiropractor that has been taking care of them. This means that, unless they have relocated, or their chiropractor retired, most new practice members are seeking my office because they haven’t been seeing a chiropractor AND they are suffering what they think is a “new” problem. I refer to this member as coming in for “Crisis Care”. This is fine. We all find ourselves here at one time or another. If this is you, you are absolutely welcome to get better here.

From Crisis…

In crisis care, a practice member will generally need to come in for a series of more frequent visits to start recovering as quickly as possible. Statistics indicate that daily visits are ideal for the first two weeks. But ideal is not always practical. Instead, I ask a new member to return for follow-up within 2 days of their first adjustment. After their second visit, if the problem isn’t more than 30% better in all areas, I recommend that they continue at 2 visits per week until it is. Of course, this is a minimum recommendation and a practice member is always encouraged to come in for additional visits as appropriate.

Once there is more than 30% improvement in all areas, the member is asked to come in at least once per week until they are holding the adjustment AND they have 90 % improvement or better in all areas.

… to Wellness

When a practice member is more than 90% improved and holding their adjustment, I recommend that they return monthly for ongoing “Wellness Care”.