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FMCSA certified to perform DOT CMV Physical Exam Certifications
NRCME Registration No. 6173002035

Complete Exam with Certificate – $75

“The Preservation of health, is easier than the cure of disease” – BJ Palmer

NOTE: If you are a California driver needing to provide a completed form 546a to the DMV in order to be a driving instructor or to drive a “House Car 40+ feet” and you don’t otherwise need the DOT/FMCSA exam forms, the exam is basically the same and the cost is the same, but from my scheduling page, choose “Non-DOT Driver Exam”. Also, note that your own doctor can complete this form and he/she does not have to have NRCME certification.

Lowest Cost / No Waiting

Selecting a provider to perform a FMCSA certified physical exam for certification to drive a commercial vehicle is an easy choice. Harriott Chiropractic dedicates an appointment time just for you, so there is no waiting forever in the waiting room. And, at $75, we charge less than any other area provider.

Easy to Schedule

You can schedule yourself online (click the button above) or you can call the scheduling desk M-F, 9am to 6pm and we will do the scheduling for you. By phone or online, we will ask for a credit card to schedule, but if there is a unique challenge, you will need to call.

“Many of us take better care of our automobiles than we do our own bodies…yet the auto has replaceable parts.” – BJ Palmer

DOT Physical Requirements: A qualified doctor, certified and listed in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners, will provide you a “Medical Examiner’s Certificate” provided you meet the medical guidelines the Department of Transportation has established. These requirements have been developed to ensure that those driving commercial motor vehicles are not likely to experience an unanticipated medical event that will compromise the driver’s ability to safely drive the vehicle. The non-discretionary standards for certification include but are not limited to:

  • Vision: You must have 20/40 vision in each eye and in both eyes together, with or without corrective lenses. You must have peripheral vision greater than 70 degrees from the median in each eye. You must be able to identify and differentiate Red, Yellow and Green traffic light colors.
  • Blood Pressure: You must demonstrate a resting blood pressure of no more than 140 / 90 medicated or not, at the time of the exam.
  • Hearing: you must be able to hear a forced whisper from at least one ear from over 5 feet away, with or without hearing aids.
  • Urinalysis: You will be asked to provide a urine sample for reagent strip testing for the presence of blood, protein or sugar to screen for possible organic disease. Positive results may require evaluation and/or clearance by your primary treating medical doctor.


1. I suggest you AVOID trying to get examined on a walk-in basis without an appointment. It is better to call to schedule or schedule online.

2. Once scheduled, go to your email inbox and follow the link in your appointment confirmation email in order to complete the information to populate your exam form as soon as possible.

3. Try to schedule ahead of time so that you can arrive relaxed, well hydrated, well rested, uncaffeinated, etc.

4. I am required to complete the examination entirely in one day. So make sure you bring glasses, hearing aids, or anything else you need to pass the exam.

5. If I need an MD or prescribing doctor clearance for any abnormal findings or other questions I might have at the time of your exam, the certification decision will be left pending until you can provide the clearance (for no more than 45 calendar days). If a clearance is required, you will be asked to have your doctor complete a clearance letter which you would bring back to my office for a $25 administrative non-exam follow-up visit to complete the certification decision process.

6. If you have been diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), you will be required to provide a recent/current compliance report for a minimum of 90 days showing at least 4 hours of therapy per night, for at least 70 % of the days. If you are referred for a sleep study to rule out OSA, you may be certified for 3 months to allow time for evaluation and to begin therapy. With therapy for a new OSA diagnosis, you can qualify for another 3 month certification after you can provide a minimum 30 day compliance report.

7. If you are a Type II diabetic taking insulin, you must FIRST have this form completed by your prescribing doctor and then schedule your exam with this office within 45 days after that form is completed.

8. If you have a known problem in one eye, or you haven’t have an eye exam since your last medical certification, consider getting an exam and bring this form to have the eye doctor complete just in case you can only meet the federal standard with corrected vision in one eye.

9. Visualization of the ear drums is a requirement. Use some over the counter ear cleaning drops (like Debrox or other equivalent) for about a week before your exam if you work in a dirty environment or know that you build up a lot of ear wax.

10. This problem is specific to HMO health systems such as Kaiser… If you have a complicated medical history such as conditions including controlled medications, history of neurological conditions, or significant ongoing heart conditions AND your medical care is provided by an HMO, then I advise you to schedule your Certification Exam with the HMO’s Occupational Health Department. In my experience, HMO doctors will not complete clearance letters with the doctor’s contact information (required to facilitate follow-up if necessary). It is better to have the exam performed within the same system. As an example, Kaiser’s Occupational Health provides certification exams for $115. It is a little more expensive than my exam, but it is worth avoiding the headache.