Is Harriott Chiropractic what you are looking for?

The practice of chiropractic is diverse, which is both a strength and a point of confusion for many people seeking care. In looking at chiropractors, you will likely find:

  • peri-natal and pediatric care practices,
  • Technique-specific clinics that offer a specific method of analysis and treatment (e.g. “Gonstead”, “NUCCA”, “Activator”, “Atlas Orthogonal”, “Network”, etc.)
  • Sports/Rehab practices that do a lot of rehabilitative physiotherapy modalities (passive therapies such as hyperbaric oxygen therapy, laser therapy, kinesio-taping, massage/soft-tissue, hot or cold packs, electric stim or ultrasound therapy, mechanical traction, shockwave therapy, or in-office therapeutic exercises… etc.)
  • Nutritional practices that may use special muscle testing techniques or special analytical devices to identify deficiencies that are treated with supplements,
  • Med-Legal practices that work closely with personal injury attorneys to document treatment plans and progress to support legal claims for reimbursement from liable 3rd parties,
  • Population-specific practices that focus on Medicare patients or Workplace Injuries, etc.

What type of care happens here?

Just as Chiropractic was from its inception, Dr. Harriott’s practice is focused on you. It is focused on optimizing your function through the chiropractic adjustment as you incorporate aspects of a natural chiropractic lifestyle between office visits. We have a range of adjustive techniques from “traditional” Gonstead and Diversified techniques to lighter adjusting approaches by hand and using the Activator and Arthrostim adjusting tools. The practice descriptions above allow us to clarify easily what we DON’T focus on.

  • We don’t accept Med-Legal cases.
  • We don’t market to specific conditions or certain demographics.
  • We don’t rely on XRays to determine where to deliver chiropractic adjustments.
  • We don’t do a lot of passive therapies or rehabilitative exercises in the office.

And now, for what we DO:

  • We provide affordable care to anyone who needs help and who wishes to incorporate chiropractic into their lifestyle and their approach to health.
  • We refer for spinal imaging only when it is clinically indicated.
  • We accept patients of ALL ages but we also refer to other local practices when we feel it is in the patient’s best interests
  • We provide “medically necessary” chiropractic care that is billable for health insurance reimbursement as well as low cost self-paid supportive or maintenance care that is typically less frequent and longer term.
  • We teach about lifestyle factors, changes and self-care strategies to help you realize more than just relief, but find a path to more robust health.
  • Our ultimate goal is to do our small part in bringing lifestyle healthcare – real healthcare – to the masses. When the healthy understand how to stay that way, we can say we have succeeded.

It’s about the Subluxation

From the beginning, the Discoverer of Chiropractic, DD Palmer and his son, the Developer of Chiropractic, BJ Palmer discovered that care for the spine could improve communication between the central nervous system and all the rest of the organs and tissues of the body. And while they and the generations of chiropractors to follow strived for scientific clarity and research to support their discoveries, they were committed to the premise that the body’s innate healing capacity was far more powerful than any lotion, potion or pill that the medical profession could develop, if only it was allowed to express itself.

“The power that made the body, heals the body” – BJ Palmer

As medicine advanced, and surgical procedures improved, it seemed that the medical doctors could bring us back from the brink of death or disease or life-threatening injury to live another day. But, the medical profession fought to exert ultimate control over the entire healthcare space. While medical care is critically important, modern medicine offers close to nothing for the un-sick or the un-injured and so their use of the term “healthcare” is distracting, confusing and not at all helpful. A medical doctor today has very little to offer someone who wishes to improve their health and function and to avoid sickness and dis-ease. And, with the well-funded promotion of the medical care model to the exclusion of all else, your are left to wait for a symptom to treat with a drug before you can expect any care at all. This approach leaves us with the highest costs and the poorest health outcomes in the developed world. And it also necessarily leaves way too many Americans taking a fistful of prescription drugs every day. Those taking 4 or MORE prescription drugs include:

  • 54% of adults 65 & older
  • 32% of those 50-64 years of age
  • 13% of those 30-49 years of age, and
  • 7% of those 18-29 years old!

We can and should do better. So many of our illnesses can be slowed or even reversed with appropriate lifestyle changes.

And no matter your condition, the vital communication between your central nervous system and the organs and tissues of your body needs to be free and clear in order promote your inborn, innate ability to maintain, function and heal. The vertebral subluxation, the primary focus of chiropractic care, is a reactive response to your environment’s stressors. The nature of offending environmental stresses are a result of some combination of physical, emotional, or chemical influences, past, present or ongoing. Chiropractors adjust spinal subluxation with the goal of unencumbering your body’s innate intelligence to adapt to your unique circumstance. You are capable of miracles!

Addressing subluxation also helps to improve mobility, relieve stress, reduce suffering and enhance your body’s ability to manage and to heal. And any good chiropractor will try to help you learn how to improve your environment and reduce your exposure to external stressors.