New update to FMCSA exam guidelines!

There is a new update to the FMCSA exam guidelines! There were several changes, but one that affects many drivers is the OSA guidance changes.

The new guidance makes it EASIER to certify drivers newly diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The change indicates that if a driver is issued a shortened certification to allow for OSA evaluation and the driver’s evaluation results in diagnosis with OSA, the first 1 year certification can be issued with documentation of only 30 days of therapy! This is a big improvement, avoiding multiple repeat exams since, in most cases, the limited evaluation certification period of 90 days easily allows time for testing and establishing treatment compliance. And the guidance even allows for a one-time 30 day re-certification, if needed due to a delay in starting treatment.

On the other hand, drivers already under CPAP therapy for OSA need to document treatment compliance for their ENTIRE PREVIOUS CERTIFICATION TERM or they will need to re-establish compliance, which will require multiple re-exams before getting back on a 1 year cycle. This reflects a tighter compliance requirement than I was previously aware of. So be sure to use your CPAP as recommended and bring a report covering the previous 12 months to your certification exam to avoid “decision pending” or shortened certification results.

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