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Improve Your Home’s Air Quality With These 9 Indoor Plants

9 Plants to Clean Your Breathing Space When NASA first published its “Clean Air Study” in 1989, it recommended the use of several indoor plants to remove toxic agents from the air. Sick building syndrome and plants Sick building syndrome (SBS) is a term used to describe a group of symptoms that people experience when spending […]

Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs)

AGEs are Powerful Contributing Factors to Many Diseases Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., DACBN, MS, CFMP High levels of Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) have been linked to inflammation, oxidative stress, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, renal (kidney) failure, premature aging and metabolic health. One study examined a group of 559 older women and found those with the highest […]

Current Research on Alcohol Consumption, Heart Disease and Cancer

Ronald Grisanti D.C., D.A.B.C.O., DACBN, MS, CFMP Alcohol consumption as it relates to the impact on heart disease and cancer has been a hot topic for many years. Many people want to believe that the consumption of red wine is protective and for some even therapeutic for cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately strong peer reviewed studies show […]

Considering Keto?

Read this First… Re-posting information from a blog post by Dr. Michael Greger, MD at his non-profit website, “When we don’t eat enough carbohydrates, our body is forced to burn more fat, which can be misconstrued as increasing the rate of net fat-mass reduction. However, on a keto diet, our fat intake also increases. […]

90 Days

I welcome the opportunity to help you with any areas where you need help, but the one change that I believe will have the most profound impact on your health is your diet. This is because, directly or indirectly, improving your diet will improve just about all other concerns. What I would like you to consider is […]

Vitamin B-12 Supplementation is REQUIRED

A deficiency of vitamin B-12 (aka Cobalmin) is very serious and causes severe health conditions that masquerade as any of a multitude of psychological, neurological, gastrointestinal, immmune related (and many many other organ system) abnormalities. From coma to psychosis, from bleeding tongue to skin lesions from head to toe, from tingling and numbness in your […]

Food Dyes and IBD

Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBDs)—like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis—affect millions of people around the world. They cause lasting structural damage—such as inflammation, ulcers, and sores—to your gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Until now no one could really pinpoint exact causes behind IBDs. However a new study made an eye-opening discovery: Some very commonplace and “colorful” foods may […]

Do we do physicals?

I am a chiropractor and I perform physical examinations every day. I am also a member of the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners and so I perform commercial driver physical exams so I can complete Medical Examination Report forms (form MCSA-5875) and Medical Examiner’s Certificate forms (MCSA-5876) to allow a driver to get or […]